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What did the world lose because of WWII?

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Cambridge American Cemetery, Entrance Courtyard, Madingley Road Coton, CB23 7PH

Come and take a walking tour in the extensive grounds of Cambridge American Cemetery. During an approximately hour-long visit of discovery staff will introduce you to some of the talented Americans whose stories we aim to tell.

We often talk about the promise of young people. However, when a whole generation of men and women are sent to war, how much of that promise is lost forever?

Cambridge American Cemetery is full of artistic culture. It was designed by some of the best architects, artists, mosaicists, and horticulture specialists of the 1940’s and 50’s. But what about the young Americans who are memorialised here?

America entered WWII in December 1941, and proceeded to send her brightest and best into the fray. Some of them had well-established careers in civilian life. Others had only recently graduated High School. These were the boys and girls who had not had the time to display their natural aptitude. They had yet to put their sometimes-latent talents into practice.

Would they have designed the buildings and towns that sprang up after the devastation of WWII? Would they have become famous artists, poets or musicians? They all had talents and personalities, but most of all, they were loved by the families they left behind.

Many of these young Americans never got the chance to develop and grow their skills any further. Instead, they will spend eternity in Cambridge soil, never having achieved their potential. A lost generation indeed.

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Adults, Young Adults 12 – 18, Tour, Talk, In person, Free
Event capacity: 20

Please meet in the Entrance Courtyard, off Madingley Road.

You will be fitted with a radio receiver and given earbuds or earphones in order for you to better hear your guide.

Wear weather appropriate clothing and sensible shoes, as some walking will be on grass.